Privacy with Craft Report

I take privacy seriously, so here are a couple of things I can guarantee:

  • No data about your sites is or will be sold.
  • No content data (users, entry contents, etc.) is being served by the plugin.
  • No configuration secret is being served by the plugin ($core[info']['configMap'] is unset before return).
  • I will delete all user information and site data if you ask me to do so. Later I will implement an account termination functionality where you can do it by yourself.

If you are curious, please, check the source code of the plugin and view what data is being served by it. You can do that easily by sending a POST request to yoursite.tld/reporter/status, with a JSON payload, like the one below:

Craft report screenshot

I hope I have convinced you that using Craft Report is safe - register and try it out! If you have any questions regarding the data I process (or regarding anything), please, let me know!