Left Beta, Backups Arrived

Backup plans arrived

As you might have already noticed, a new Backups menu item has been added to the sidebar - this is where you can find the database backups created for your sites. We create backups of a site every 4th hours - that's 6 backups a day. Alongside this, a new feature has been added to the Craft Report companion plugin: now it can restore backups from Craft Report with a click of a button.

Screenshot 20201028 144747

Database backups can be activated on a per-site basis as an "add-on", which means this feature is not included in any regular plan.

The beta transition period is over

As the transition period from Beta ended today, the restrictions we previously announced were introduced on the accounts: you can see that much Reports as your plan covers - or if you don't have an active plan, only one. If you had more Sites added to Craft Report than your current plan allows, but haven't upgraded your plan yet, the Sites over the Plan's site quota will be disabled.

If you have any questions, ideas, feature requests or just want to get in touch - open a support ticket or fill this Typeform!