Craft Report is leaving Beta

Good news! After months of testing and a lot of work, Craft Report has reached a level of maturity that we think it can leave the Beta tag behind. 🥳

We have been hard at work to make Craft Report a useful tool for developers and agencies managing multiple Craft CMS installations. This is why we have implemented SSL testing and security vulnerability checks - on top of the "standard" Craft & plugin update and license notifications.

In the last couple of days the UI has been reworked a bit: a new Settings item has been added to the menu, to make room for future improvements.

With good news comes bad news: Craft Report is becoming a paid service. Many of you have already suspected this, some of you even asked for it. The transition starts today: an update has already been deployed which introduces Plans:

  • Sleeper Agent: the free plan for 1 site,
  • Mole: a starter plan for 5 sites, $10/month,
  • Rezident: a medium plan for 25 sites, $25/month
  • Spymaster: the agency plan for UNLIMITED sites, $50/month

It is important to note that during the transition period (which lasts until 28 October), all your sites are checked regularly, like nothing happened. The only restriction we have for now is that if you would like to add a new site, you have to select a plan - and this is where your billing cycle begins. You will be able to select (and later switch to) a plan which is "big" enough for your current site count - if you would like to move to a smaller plan, you have to delete the sites you don't want us to check.

In case you have not selected a plan until the transition period ends, your account will be treated as if you selected the Sleeper Agent plan: you will see (and we will check) only one of your sites.

We hope that these changes will let Craft Report serve its purpose and will give a solid foundation so you can trust us to monitor your Craft CMS sites.

If you have any questions or concerns - open a support ticket or fill this Typeform!